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Dieu Hoteru



Dieu Hoteru (God Hotel); sprung from a conversation with a Japanese painter and a Japanese photographer; is a play on the Japanese borrowed word Hoteru for hotel and the French autel (shrine or alter). This performance  is based on the theme of  the ceremony that is practiced in Japan where a神輿(mikoshi) is carried throughout the land to collect spirits that bless the harvest.


In the present case it's an invisible 神輿(mikoshi ) that starts out quite heavy and becoming weightless allowing its transporter to spin and jolt in all directions.


The video is based a collaborative performance with concert pianist yumekiss.  I performed an African dance in a 法被(happi) against the backdrop of traditional taiko drums and live Debussy. The temporal alterations made to the video render Dubussy quasi-unrecognizable releasing its mystical energy. The transporter in an exhalted state seduces the supernatural into a dialogue.

I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this performance without the help of the Fondation des Etats-Unis.

They granted the concert pianist Yumekiss who was living in China at the time a two week residency so thet we could give birth to this oeuvre(and then she never left Paris but that's another story!) Merci La Fondation!

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