Reflets della Bella Vida

Facing the Sun: Le Rituel

般若波羅蜜多心經: Shómyó

In a world where love and war must coexist, side by side; of sexism and of the commercialization of the human body; a stroll within nature seems to offer the only ounce of truth. From the obsessive selfism of modern society as seen on forums such as Facebook and Instagram (an intriguing form of self-love) to that which exists between individuals; there’s a definite contrast between love and what we see on the news and in the papers. There’s also the unrealistic standard that women are held to these days; giving way to “Le Rituel”. Prayers and offerings of beer, grapes, and apples, are offered to an ancestral spirit.


This video was filmed predominantly on a vegetable farm in Midoriku(Green Town) Saitama, where i took residence the summer of 2011.

© 2014-present Kanene L. Weston